Does reflecting on what God has done build your faith!?

I’ve been spending a lot of time reflecting, mostly on what God has done for me.

I noticed that never ONCE did I walk alone. Even when I felt alone God was with me. There were times when I missed the mark and felt as if God should disown me or turn his back on me. That never happened! I was never the type to run away from the lord but when I felt like I had disappointed him I would throw myself a pity party and think about how mad he must be at me. 

I grow up in a spiritual bible based church so I knew what God’s promises were to us but I didn’t start wanting to see them come to pass in my life until I was about 21. By that time I had enough of bumping my head, having a attitude everyday and just being unhappy. I told the lord that I couldn’t do it on my own and that I wanted the life he had for me. God started to change me long before I asked him to help me, I guess he knew it was coming lol. Once I started to see the change in myself I began to think back to the hard times that I were no longer having and it made me love God a thousand times more. Not just because they were gone but because at that very moment I knew that if he did it before he can do it again!


I wrote this blog just to let people know that reflecting on your past form time to time isn’t always a bad thing! Get a journal and start to write down every problem and obstacle that God has seen you through. It’ll build your faith and make you love him even more!

Reflecting on my past made me love God more for these simple reasons:

1. He has shown my TRUE unconditional love!

2. He has never left my side!

3. He has never let a problem be a problem all of my life!



5 thoughts on “Does reflecting on what God has done build your faith!?

  1. Thank you for sharing Brianna. I’ve looked back and still do on occasion and stand in awe of Him for the things He has done within me, through me, and for me. In particular, for Who He is. Blessings to you.


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