Truth for today 9/3/14

Just because I believe in God does not mean I don’t like to have fun! I go to the movies, out to eat, go bowling and I am a tv enthusiast! Yup! I looooooove me some Scandal!

I don’t understand why when people hear me talk about God they automatically assume that I’m not human and that I think I’m better than them. Newsflash! I am human! I’m not better than anyone. The only difference between you and I is that I pray through my bad days and you might not. I understand that super religious people can put a bad taste in others mouths about Christians BUT people have to get to know others before they assume that they are holier-than-thou.

Truth be told I hardly ever be friend anyone who picks and make fun of my relationship with God. It just doesn’t sit well with me or my spirit. Girls my age automatically assume that since I love going to praise and worship service that I can’t go to six flags or the art museum or anything that doesn’t involve church. I guess that’s why I gotten in a habit of doing things by myself.

Have any of you ever experienced this? Please share.



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