Truth for Today 9/4/14

Not even a hour again I broke down, on my knees at the foot of my bed. For the first couple minutes all I could do was cry. I had so many things to say to God but at first nothing came out. Mind racing, tears flowing but no words! Finally my mouth opened and “God I’m not trying to be ungrateful please forgive me” came out. I’ve been doing a lot lately at the office and I feel so unappreciated. As the tears kept flowing”I need help lord I’m tired” kept coming out of my mouth. Now I know that he already knows all of what I told him but I couldn’t stop those specific words from coming out of my mouth.


I work so hard, go over and beyond for clients but yet I feel overlooked at my job. Everyone on staff knows how much and how hard I work. I’m the first person to arrive and 99% of the time the last person to leave the office.Some days aren’t as busy as others but when they are i pray that one day I would have some significant help.Today wasn’t too bad but after I started thinking about the possibility of the little help that I’ve been getting for a month now being gone it made me upset! 


I came home from work trying to stop my mind from thinking about it, I started walking around the house next thing I know I walked into my room and just broke down. I can’t remember the last time I had to crying out to Jesus moment but it was long overdue. I asked for forgiveness if my prayer at any point seemed ungrateful, I also asked for help to forgive the CEO of my company for overlooking me. I knew that I could no longer carry this hurt, confusion and anger with me to and from work. I released it, got up and started on dinner.


Have any of you had a crying out to Jesus moment lately? Share it with me.




2 thoughts on “Truth for Today 9/4/14

  1. In God I believe, I am a Muslim and I believe in Allah subhan o tala . We are told to be grateful and have patience..The moment we are acknowledging the many things Allah has created for humans, we become part of the blessed ones, I start with with thanking Allah for my believe..I ask for forgiveness for all my misdeeds and wrong doings..that is “toba” which means I do accept that I did something wrong and promise not to repeat it..of course it happens that I commit the same again and again, I tell Allah..I am trying and inshallah one day..I will break free from wrong doings..I keep my cool..when unappreciated..because everyone doesn’t know me nor value my input, but few do and the best part is..Allah knows what I am up to right from the moment the idea comes and I with me in my heart , Allah lives..and I want to remember that..I am being watched and does help 🙂 ..I can not see Allah, but I am seen ..Yes.. I feel low when no one appreciates or just ignore..I pray that I can do something better.. or have an innovative idea when ever I get stuck..I feel that I am heard and that on itself makes tears roll down ..just feeling this connection is great. I hopwe I take my believe with me to grave.


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