Truth for Today 9/6/14

Hey everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful Saturday! I recently read a book called Grace by Max Lucado and will write a review on it soon. In the book he spoke about giving Grace to other just as God has given Grace to us.

This morning I decided to go have breakfast by myself at my new favorite diner. I sat down, eat and read some of How to live beyond your feelings by Joyce Meyer. I must say I really enjoyed myself this morning the food the great so was the customer service.

I walked back across the street to the train station and waited for the bus. When the bus pulled up I got on and watched everyone get on. We arrived at the train station where my connecting bus would leave but I had to wait because the bus hadn’t arrived yet. I watched the bus I had just got off on pulled up in the spot where my bus is supposed to be. I got on the bus and proceed to pay but before I could pay my fare the bus driver looked at me and gave me Grace!  She could’ve made me pay to ride down the street but because she knew I had just paid she let me sit on down.

I was so grateful! A week ago I had read about how we should spread Love and Grace to people everyday and here I was receiving it! It really made my day.
When was the last time you gave or received Grace? Share it with me.



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