Truth for Today 9/26/14: If you ever had any doubt…

Happy Friday!!!

I pray that all is well with everyone reading this blog. This is my first blog in a few weeks I’ve been busy at the office and tutoring some classmates but as of today I’m back!

I’ve been wondering if you know that God loves you, not just any ole earthly love but the unconditional, never failing love! Well, if you didn’t know or if you’re not sure I’m here to tell you that God does love you! He loves you more than any human being could ever love you. God loves us even when we don’t love ourselves or the people around us. Some believe that God only loves us when we make the right decisions and choices and that when we don’t he turns his back on us… THAT IS NOT TRUE! We as humans think that we walk away from God all of the time but he is ALWAYS with us. When we( YES We!) were drunk in the club allllll those nights and didn’t know how we made it back home, dorms, or friends houses God was with us! When you ran away from home at 14 and had no where to go God WAS WITH YOU! When you smoked crack day after day and never overdosed GOD WAS WITH YOU!

You see God is around even when we are doing things that aren’t Godly. I want you to know today that God is NOT MAD AT YOU! He loves you! You are the apple of his eye! He is aware of everything that concerns you! When you are going through a storm know that God loves you soooooooo much that he’s not going to let that storm last forever. Now I also want you to know that just because God loves you it doesn’t mean that you won’t see storms but it does mean that you are not alone! Once you embrace the love God has for you everything will change. you will begin to want to know more about him and why he loves you so much. Once you open your spiritual eyes and see how much he loves you despite your flaws and attitude it will make you want to love just as Jesus loves and when you began to constantly walk in love your life will forever change for the better.

So today I pray that you began to realize that God really loves you! When someone has mistreated you, unappreciated you or hasn’t loved you like you like you love them be in peace and know that God loves you far beyond that love that they could give you. Be in peace and know that God is aware of the situation and know that in the midst of your storm he is with you loving and caring for you deeply. GOD BLESS YOU!


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