Truth for Today 9/30/14

God loves you!

There is nothing you can do to stop God from loving you! He loves you not because he is forced to but because he chose you to be his child. Just like your earthly parents he wants to protect you from all harm, he want to help you make the right decisions and he wants you to know how much he loves you.

It was on my heart to write this short blog tonight and I pray that whoever this is meant for is reading this and that God will reveal his unconditional love to them. Who ever you are I want you to know that when you don’t love yourself, dont feel loved by others to not beat yourself up and get depressed because God’s love goes beyond the love we get from humans. His love is everlasting, unfailing and unconditional. If you want to feel and know God’s love for you pray this simple prayer

Dear God,

Show me how much you love me. I want to know that you care for me deeply and that your love isn’t conditional like us humans here on earth. Show me as much as possible that I am the apple of your eye! I want to know that your love will never fail. Show me your love lord so that I may show it to others. In Jesus name! Amen!

I hope that this post touches the right person(s)



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