Truth for Today 9/4/14

Not even a hour again I broke down, on my knees at the foot of my bed. For the first couple minutes all I could do was cry. I had so many things to say to God but at first nothing came out. Mind racing, tears flowing but no words! Finally my mouth opened and “God I’m not trying to be ungrateful please forgive me” came out. I’ve been doing a lot lately at the office and I feel so unappreciated. As the tears kept flowing”I need help lord I’m tired” kept coming out of my mouth. Now I know that he already knows all of what I told him but I couldn’t stop those specific words from coming out of my mouth.


I work so hard, go over and beyond for clients but yet I feel overlooked at my job. Everyone on staff knows how much and how hard I work. I’m the first person to arrive and 99% of the time the last person to leave the office.Some days aren’t as busy as others but when they are i pray that one day I would have some significant help.Today wasn’t too bad but after I started thinking about the possibility of the little help that I’ve been getting for a month now being gone it made me upset! 


I came home from work trying to stop my mind from thinking about it, I started walking around the house next thing I know I walked into my room and just broke down. I can’t remember the last time I had to crying out to Jesus moment but it was long overdue. I asked for forgiveness if my prayer at any point seemed ungrateful, I also asked for help to forgive the CEO of my company for overlooking me. I knew that I could no longer carry this hurt, confusion and anger with me to and from work. I released it, got up and started on dinner.


Have any of you had a crying out to Jesus moment lately? Share it with me.



Truth for today 9/3/14

Just because I believe in God does not mean I don’t like to have fun! I go to the movies, out to eat, go bowling and I am a tv enthusiast! Yup! I looooooove me some Scandal!

I don’t understand why when people hear me talk about God they automatically assume that I’m not human and that I think I’m better than them. Newsflash! I am human! I’m not better than anyone. The only difference between you and I is that I pray through my bad days and you might not. I understand that super religious people can put a bad taste in others mouths about Christians BUT people have to get to know others before they assume that they are holier-than-thou.

Truth be told I hardly ever be friend anyone who picks and make fun of my relationship with God. It just doesn’t sit well with me or my spirit. Girls my age automatically assume that since I love going to praise and worship service that I can’t go to six flags or the art museum or anything that doesn’t involve church. I guess that’s why I gotten in a habit of doing things by myself.

Have any of you ever experienced this? Please share.


Truth for today 9/2/14

I have a secret! Well if you’re reading this then you already know the secret lol but I haven’t told anyone about this blog. No one knows! Not even my parents. I know you’re probably wondering why and it’s because sometimes people won’t be happy for you or support you because God gave you the vision and not them. Meaning, they won’t see what you see and I don’t have time for the “you’re going to school for business why would you start a blog” questions.

I’d rather everyone find out on their own.

Truth is I don’t want anyone telling me what I should and should not be blogging about. I want to be free. Free to speak about how good God is, how hard I work and how much I love my family(or how much they can get on my nerves lol)

Well, that was my truth for today. What’s yours?


Truth for today 9/1/14

Today I woke up grateful! Everyday I’m grateful to be alive but today was different. As soon as my eyes opened I was filled with so much joy, peace and happiness.  At first I thought it was because I didn’t have to work today but as I ate breakfast and prepared for the day I had the same joy.

I’m changing!

God is changing me and becoming who he wants me to be. I’m grateful! I’m no longer the selfish little girl who always wanted things to go her way. This morning I woke up truly grateful that God makes ALL things new.

What did you wake up grateful for today?