Truth for Today: Dear You

Dear You:

Do you know that God loves you? I mean really loves you with an unconditional everlasting love! Has anyone ever told you that there is nothing you can do to stop him from loving you? No sin, mistake, setback or disappointment could ever stop God from loving you. God loves you not because he is forced to but because he chose you! He created you so that he could love on you, comfort and give you peace. Has anyone ever told you that God is not mad at you? My dear, God is love not madness. I’m here to tell you that even when you haven’t prayed, don’t have any money, cussed folks out God is not mad at you!

I want you to know that life happens to all of us and that just because your life isn’t how you think it should be doesn’t mean that God is angry with you so he isn’t letting anything good happen to or for you. We must think about the choices that we make that lead to our lives being in shambles.  Everything isn’t God’s doing, something happen because of the world that we live in. God is love! God is peace! God wants you to be happy and to love others as he loves you. I know at times that can be hard but I want to encourage you to begin to meditate on God’s love, once you fully understand how much he loves you I guarantee you that it’ll change your life.


I was you once



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