Thank you!

I would like to thank all of my subscribers for coming on this journey with me! 2014 has been a rollercoaster and I am so happy to be going into 2015 knowing that Gods grace is sufficient enough for me. Big things are happening in 2015 for this blog and I hope big things for yours as well. Have a safe night! See ya in 2015!


Truth for Today: The Chosen One

Remind yourself daily that God chose you! Yes, you are the chosen one.

Life may or may not be a wreck right now, and your bad decisions affect your life, your negative words affect your present as well as your future but you are chosen! God chose to breathe life into you! so that he could LOVE on you! SAVE you! HEAL you! so that he could DELIVER you and PROVIDE for you!

Remind yourself that you are the chosen one.

You may or may not have an outgoing personality, good education or even a solid foundation but God chose you! Before you even knew that you wouldn’t finish high school or get accepted into college, before you knew that you would never get your dream job, before that guy or girl left you whom you thought you would marry God chose you! We as humans have to realize that God knows the ending from the beginning and that when things in life go left he uses it for our good. He chose you! He knew that you were going to be hard-headed, grumpy and everything else that you may or may not be but in spite of it ALL he CHOSE YOU!

Remind yourself today and everyday that you are the chosen one.