Tasty Tuesday! 1/3/15


One thing that I haven’t shared via this post is that I am a FOODIE! Meaning I like to cook and eat so from now on Tuesday’s on #PeaceDuringTheJourney will be #TastyTuesdays

This is a picture of one of my favorite meals at Red Lobster. Its the Salmon New Orleans 😁
• Fresh Salmon with shrimp on top
• Steamed Broccoli
• Petite Green Beans

You don’t necessarily have to get broccoli and green beans, you have a choice of the rice pilaf, baked and mashed potatoes, fries, steamed veggies, asparagus (which I LOVE) and so much more! If you enjoy Red Lobster as much as I do tell me to what’s your go to meal?



9 thoughts on “Tasty Tuesday! 1/3/15

  1. i havent been to a red lobster in years but seafood is something i need to eat more of. a few nights ago i enjoyed a crabcake that was out of this world. do you cook or do you prefer to let others tackle that task?


  2. i noticed you dont have a starch? are you one of those foodies trying to lose weight? i couldnt pass on the potatoes. they are so good for you and i bet those green beans taste like straw. lol 😉


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