Today I was Appreciated

Happy Monday! 

I hope that all is well with everyone! Today I just wanted to share a picture of the card I received from one of my old clients this morning, it really made my day. I got up this morning moving slow dreading going into the office on this busy Monday. As I was on my way the old client sent me a text message asking if I was working today I responded yes and when I arrived there was a card with a beautiful message waiting for me. In my current line of work it is so easy to get burned out and feel unappreciated but the card I received let me know that I am appreciated and that the clients understand how much I do for them.

This card made all of the phones calls, late evenings and paperwork worth it. If there is someone you work with or even a loved one that goes over and beyond for you let them know that they are appreciated it will brighten their day.


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