Hawaii Anyone!?

I’m I the only person who would LOVE to vacation in Hawaii?

It just seems like such a peaceful and beautiful place

If I have a subscriber that’s ever visited let me know how did you enjoy it



4 thoughts on “Hawaii Anyone!?

  1. My husband and I vacationed there for 2 weeks back in 1994. I cannot believe 20 yrs have passed. I still recall the beauty of the mountains, water and beaches. Food was fantastic. I was deeply in love then (he proposed there -ahhh) so everything seemed magical. I pray you have a similar experience.


  2. Me and my prayer partner are in the process of planning a trip to Hawaii next year. We are working on it now. Everyone that we have spoken with that have been have said it is very expensive, and for us not to take dressy clothes because you are on the beach a lot.


  3. We went on our honeymoon and it was amazing! We loved it but honestly it is so far! I have been to Puerto Rico and I loved it. If we do another trip to an island it will be to Puerto Rico just because it is so much more affordable and to me they are similar.


  4. Many people I work with frequent Hawaii during our Canadian winter. It’s reasonably close and they’re guaranteed sunny warmer weather. For me however, I’ve seen better beaches elsewhere and although I enjoyed my visit, I wouldn’t go back. There’s so much more of the world I still want to see.


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