Dear God

Dear God,

Thank you for never leaving me. Your unconditional everlasting love for me is overwhelming. I know that I’m a mess and still each day you send your Grace to save me. You shower me with your peace even when I act as if I don’t need it. I’m grateful to be yours! I’m grateful that regardless of how I may feel alone that you are always near.

Thank you for giving me wisdom. Your truth helps me to know what to do when no one else does. When no one else understands, YOU DO! When I don’t acknowledge your presence, be a blessing to others or even love myself you STILL love me.

Thank you for your protection! Each day I wake up to more and more evils of this world and just like the 91 psalms says ” no evil will conquer me, no plague will come near my home ”
I am forever grateful for the angels you have assigned to me. They have stopped car accidents from happening, robberies, bullets and so much more.

So today I don’t want to ask for anything but to thank you for EVERYTHING!

Your grateful child