A Love Worth Giving



A love worth giving by Max Lucado will teach you about how unconditional God’s love is for you, how to love others as he loves us and how to ultimately love ourselves. Throughout the sixteen chapters you will learn, laugh,cry and go into deep thought. Patience is discussed in the second chapter. “Patience is more than a virtue for long lines and slow waiters. Patience is the red carpet upon which God’s grace approaches us.” Max explains how before love is anything else, love is patient.

Kindness is discussed in the third chapter. “He knows everything about you, yet he doesn’t hold back his kindness toward you.” We learn that God wants us to be kind to everyone we come in contact with. You never know exactly what a person is going through and how that might need your kindness at that moment you come into contact with them.

Agape love cares for others because God has cared for us. Agape love goes beyond sentiment and good wishes. Because God loved first, agape love responds. Because God wad gracious, agape love forgives the mistake when the offense is high. Agape offers patience when stress is abundant and extends kindness when kindness is rare. Why? Because  God offered both to us.”

Chapter thirteen talks about belief. God believes in us, his beliefs that we can accomplish goals and have good success. Max elaborates  on how we too should believe in ourselves and believe in others as well. “He hasn’t given up on you. He hasn’t turned away. He hasn’t walked out. He could have. Others would have but he hasn’t. God believes in you. And, I wonder could you take some of the belief  that he has in you and share it with someone else? Could you believe in someone?”

Unfailing love is the last chapter. This chapter reveals that God’s love has no limits. “Governments will fail, but God’s love will last. Crowns are temporary, but love is eternal. Your money will run out, but his love never will.” 

The love of God is born from within him

A love worth giving reveals what some may not know and what some have known for years. This book has opened my eyes and made me think a lot about God’s love for me and how I should be open to receiving it. It’s a really great read! All Max Lucado’s books can be purchased on Amazon and  at Barnes and Noble.