Can I Pray for you?

Hello All!

Is there anything I can stand with you in prayer about? Recently I was convicted about my prayer life. I usually don’t pray for anyone unless they are going through something and I feel as if they need prayer. In my quiet time, I was prompted to be more aware of the needs of those around me. I should be praying for businesses, clients, co-workers and everyone else who I cross paths with.


I had the opportunity to speak into one of my client’s lives today, and it made me write a letter to God praying for this particular person. During my quiet time, it became apparent that praying for others needed to be done every single day. What if I prayed for all of my clients during my quiet time? How would having someone stand with them in prayer impact their lives? How would having someone thank God for their lives help them? A lot of time has gone by, and I no longer want to ignore the role I can play in the lives of those who I impact.


So I ask again, What can I pray with/ for you about? Comment below or email your requests to


God Bless,


2 thoughts on “Can I Pray for you?

  1. Thank you so much for your heart and Love for His people. As a pastor, I really need support and prayer. Our congregations is small, but the really Love Lord Jesus. Please pray for me: (1) Wisdom to shepherd and feed them; (2) Adjust the Church’s vision to their gift sets; (3) Financial outpouring to provide for overhead and outreach. Peace to you and Joy in Christ Jesus. And again, thank you for your encouragement to me through your blogs.


  2. Thank you for your comment!


    Thank you for being such a faithful and good father. We praise you and we love you. Lord, We thank you for Pastor Mike and his obedience to you. We thank you for giving him the wisdom he needs to lead people into a deeper relationship with you! We thank you for being the sole provider for him and the congregation. Father we know that your plans for Pastor Mike and his congregation are good and we praise you for your plans. We thank you for all you have done and will do for this church.

    In Jesus Name



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