Encoruagement for Today 4/30/18

Happy Monday!


You may be sitting at your desk already, getting your morning coffee, picking the kids up from school, completing your school assignments or getting ready for bed. Monday’s can be tough for us all. A new week means new responsibilities, new meals to cook, new posts to like and of course new hurdles to jump. I want you to know that no matter where you are, what you have done or will do today that GOD LOVES YOU. You could be thinking that he couldn’t love a person who is about to get a divorce, he couldn’t love a person whose children are acting out in school or he couldn’t love a person who yelled at a stranger in traffic. The reality is HE COULD and HE DOES.

Many religious people would say that God only loves those who do right all of the time. Well, if that’s the case he loves no one. None of us can say that we do the right thing all of the time. All of us can say that he loves us though. I don’t know what you’re going through right now but I do know that God is faithful even when we are faithless, meaning when we are down and about to give up on him, his loves never runs out and never gives up on us. I’m not just talking about you reading this post but his love never gives up on your cousin whose on drugs, your best friend whose sleeping with a married man. His love never gives up nor runs out even for the person who sins the most. He is faithful to his word so it never returns void.

Today I pray that you are reminded of his LOVE for YOU because it is everlasting. I pray that you come to understand his unconditional love for us all, so that even in the midst of a busy, not so fun or blah Monday we can love others like he loves us. I pray that each and every one of you have an encounter with your heavenly father this week that will open your eyes to his undying love.

Be Blessed Always,




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