Truth for today 9/5/14

Happy Friday!!!

I hope all is well with everyone reading this post. Today has been a smooth day for me at the office… Thank God! no one wants a super busy Friday right? I had two interns with me today so they helped made the day go by smoother. It’s quiet in the office right now, i’m the only person here and it’s really peaceful. Im loving it! 

I told myself that I would post regularly so that you all wouldn’t miss me LOL! My truth for today is that I’m trying to have better relationships with everyone around me. I’m writing my friends whom have been with me letters and sending them by mail. Yup! old school! I just want to let them know that they are loved and appreciated. I like to hand write letter because I want the person reading the letter to know that they’re THAT special for me to take time to actually write out a letter, not send a extra long text or email that they may not read until weeks later. Hand written letters are the best! 

I was once told that charity starts at home and spreads aboard so I figured that I should have a better love walk with the people that are already in my life before trying to build new relationships with strangers. I have amazing friends that have been in my life since 5th grade, we might not speak everyday or see each other often but I want them to know that I am always here for them. So when I get home i’ll start on the letter and send them off on Monday.

What’s your truth for today?