Self Care

How many things have you done for others already today? 5, 10, 20? How many things have you done for yourself? 1? 2 maybe?

Self care is very important. We trend to make sure that everyone else is doing well and has what they need but what about ourselves? We tend to be last on the list. Especially us women, we got it bad. We take care of our family, friends and sometimes co workers before we even stop to realize that we haven’t taken a nice bubble bath in months or gone for a walk without answering phone calls in years.

Many of us have experienced burn out due to lack of self-care. Taking time out for ourselves is essential to living a happy and healthy life. There are many times when I have to force myself to carve out time just for me. Last Tuesday I had a thousand things to do after work, I sat at my desk looking at my calendar on my phone thinking that I haven’t done anything just for me in weeks. So I shut my phone off and went to the movies alone. Those two hours allowed me to do exactly what I wanted to do without thinking about what all I had to do for others. Those two hours set the tone for the rest of my week. That simple self care time brought me joy and peace that allowed me to distress so that I could accomplish what I needed to the rest of the week.

I really believe that self-care is important to God so it should be important to us. God wants us to take out time to do things that bring us joy, things that renews our strength because we can’t help anyone or do what he has called us to do if we are burned out and run down. This week my prayer is that each and every person reading this post will set aside self care time as much as possible. No matter if that’s one hour on the weekend or 30 minutes a day. Below are a few self care tips have a blessed week!


  1. Get a massage- messages are great especially if you are always tense! Groupon has a lot of good coupons for all kinds of massages.
  2. Take a bubble bath play some nice music and enjoy the bath
  3. meditate spend uninterrupted time thinking about good things
  4. write in a journal write letters to your younger self or to God
  5. Dance to your favorite song/ sing in the car
  6. Exercise
  7. Cook your favorite meal
  8. Take a walk around the park and enjoy the fresh air

Truth for Today: God is Faithful

One year ago today God saw my mother through triple bypass heart surgery

Being 55, a little over weight and a smoker for over 30 years all odds were against her

but God was for her

Super Bowl Sunday 2014 My mother had both a stroke and heart attack

Laying not even two feet away from her family we had no idea what was going on

She kept saying that it was gas built up in her chest

So no one thought much of it until days went by and all she wanted to do was sleep

Speech beginning to slur my oldest sister began to worry

It was Friday night before we could get her to go to the hospital

We didn’t wait a good 30 minutes in the urgent care facility

The nurses ran a EKG determined that she had a heart attack and immediately put her into a room

Everyone was in shock!

You never think something like this could happen to the person you love the most

I didn’t get much sleep that night

The next morning they moved her to their sister hospital for better care

On the way to the hospital all I knew to do was blast my favorite gospel songs

All I could do was thank God that we got her to urgent care when we did

Being the strong woman she is

My mother put on a brave face for us

She showed us that no matter what things look like

We have to keep our faith

Faith was all I had left

Faith was all she had left

For years I’ve heard that God is faithful but it wasn’t until this happened

I saw just how faithful he is

Running several tests the doctors kept my mother for about two weeks

We were told that the procedure would be simple and that the surgery would take about an hour

She was released to come home and had a follow up appointment

When she got back home she still was a little sluggish but seemed to be doing better

When it was time to go back for her follow-up no one told us that she would be staying and being prepped for surgery

She wasn’t pleased or prepared

Throughout this time I had been praying, calling ministry’s that she has supported to get prayer,

reading my bible trying to feed my spirit

During her weekend prep my mother told her children and her husband that she was at peace with having the surgery

Finally I was at peace

Monday March 10th came and I went to work

Thankful, Joyful and at peace

I got the text right before lunch from my oldest sister that the surgery went well


I screamed as loud as I could without the clients thinking I was crazy

There was no doubt in my mind that my mom would pull through

I never considered the alternative because God told me he would keep her

She told me that God would keep her

I went to see her the next day and she was in the ICU unit

We learned that she needed to have a blood transfusion and that the surgery turned out to be much more

complicated than the doctor had expected

because of the heart murmur my mother had and her heart waives leaking

Triple bypass heart surgery was needed

Days following her surgery there were therapist working with her on her speech

We also discovered that the stroke affected a part of her brain that told her when to swallow her food

The next couple weeks after her surgery were just as hard on us as they were on her

Seeing someone who had been such a strong person not just for herself but for everyone else

need to be bathed and reminded to swallow food and more

got the best of me

As her youngest daughter I never in a million years thought

I would be sitting at my mother’s bed side reading healing scriptures to her

Each day I saw my mother I was grateful to have another day with her

I was grateful to see her smile and light up when I surprised her

I was so grateful that God was faithful

She was kept in ICU longer than expected

The nurses later discovered that her kidneys took a hit during the surgery

It felt like soon as we got over one hump

There was another one

Every time i would get calls about what this doctor and this nurse said

I would go away and thank God for being so faithful

I knew that if she survived heart surgery she would survive anything

I would constantly keep my mind on what God said and not what everyone else said

God is faithful!

The week leading up to my mother’s discharge

We were told that she might need to be on dialysis and need a speech therapist

We listened to what the Doctors had to say but we stood on God’s word

God is faithful!

My mother had told us ever since we were little kids that God would never leave us nor forsake us

After my mom was released from the hospital and found a doctor closer to where she lived

She went in for a check up and it was decided that her kidneys were fine

Her speech was back to normal

and she hadn’t smoked in about three months

God is faithful!

Now exactly one year later My mother is able to hold and play with her only granddaughter,

Walk at almost the same speed as before

I’m so grateful to have her here

I’m so grateful that God is faithful!

When I was younger and would be at church I used to wonder why people

would stand up and worship for 30 minutes straight

Now I know

Now I know why the choir sings songs like ‘Be grateful’

Now I know why my grandmother has an alter in her house

I’ve always loved gospel music but I didn’t know what it was like to truly worship and praise God until this happened

I didn’t want to stand up in church before because I didn’t know who could be watching

Now I don’t care who’s watching

I don’t care who hears me sing or see’s me clap my hands

God is faithful

Now I know why sometimes people run all over the church

or shout louder than others

God is faithful

I now know true worship

I now know that God’s promises are true

God is faithful!