Transformed by Trouble

Happy Monday!!!

Have you been going through some tough times? Rent due, utilities past due, car acting funny, kids fighting and you can’t seem to catch a break? I’m here to tell you that your tough times and problems aren’t signs that God doesn’t love you.

God loves you with an everlasting unconditional love. 

No matter how big or small problems are meant to transform us. Problems are meant to help build character. The kind of character that Jesus had. The kind of character that helps you persevere during difficult times in your life. I say all the time that every problem has an expiration but what I’ve learned is that problems are inevitable, when one expires here comes another one. THAT’S LIFE.  

What most people do not realize is that YOU have the choice to either let the problems DEFINE YOU or TRANSFORM YOU.

If you choose to let the problem define you there is a good chance that the problem will be around longer than you would like it to be. You’ll keep going around and around that mountain until you learn to look to God and let the problem/ situation transform you and build your character. If you choose to let the problem transform you, you’ll constantly be looking to and at God instead of the problem. You’ll pass the test and survive to pass the next test that’s coming your way.

Believe it or not every problem has a purpose in your life. Maybe you keep running into a lot of traffic or long lines at the grocery store those things that you see as problems could be helping you develop patience. If there were no problems how would we grow as people if we didn’t have anything to learn from? Yes, you can learn from others mistakes but I truly believe that learning from our own mistakes makes us better people.

That problem or trouble that’s been lingering around is building your character, molding you into the person God wants and see’s you as. Pray about it, thank God for never leaving you and prepare for the next one.

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