Truth for Today: Dear Young Girl

Dear Young Girl,

Let me start by saying I know exactly how you feel. I know exactly where you are in life, that boy that you’re so crazy about was not sent from God. I may not personally know him but I do know that God wouldn’t send you anyone who wouldn’t respect and uplift you. Let me guess, you want to love him regardless of his flaws? You want to be loyal to him? I get it! You’ve spent so much time with him, might have helped with homework, met him mom and looked deep in his eyes during sex but baby girl God didn’t send him. You chose to be with him even after he lied to you, had sex with other girls and disrespected you.

Do you really believe that God would send you someone who would have you constantly crying? Do you really believe that God would send you someone who wouldn’t add to your life? God didn’t send you that leech of a boy that you think you love, you chose him. I get it! You’ve shown him so much love and spent so much time showing him what you think love is and you can’t leave him right now. No matter how much he doesn’t help when you need help, doesn’t return your calls and ignore your texts you can’t start over with someone new.  You probably think things are just bad for now but the truth is the more you allow him to disrespect you the more miserable you’ll be.

I get it! You hate sleeping alone don’t we all? I know! I know! You love him. Has it ever crossed your mind that you could possibly make it without him? Oh! You’ve never thought about it? Well I’m here to tell you that you can make it without him. Don’t worry you’re not missing out on your husband if you leave him because again, God didn’t send himYou chose him. I’m not saying that moving on will be easy but I am saying that you deserve better. You might love him but it’s time to love yourself more, it’s time to respect yourself more. Believe it or not you teach people how to treat you. From now on teach people to teach you like the young queen that you are.

With much love,