Tasty Tuesday! 5/5/15


Tasty Tuesday’s are back!!!

This week I’m sharing a picture of Shrimp and Grit’s from Thumbs Up Diner in East Point, Ga. :mrgreen:

The cheese grit’s will make you fall in love with the diner but the perfectly seasoned shrimp will have you coming back every week. Trust me, I’m there at least three times a month.

What are you having for Tasty Tuesday?


Tasty Tuesday! 2/17/15

Happy Tasty Tuesday! 

This week I made Taco’s with the old El Paso taco kit. Tortillas, mild taco sauce and seasoning mix comes in the kit So I only had to add my own meat and I use ground turkey. I cooked my ground turkey in skillet added some onions and green bell peppers to kick up the flavor. Next I stirred in the taco seasoning and let it cook on the ground turkey until the seasoning thickened in the skillet. I don’t like much on my tacos so I warmed up the tortillas, put a slice of swiss cheese on the bottom and finished with the ground turkey and some half and half salad mix since I didn’t have lettuce.

What are you all having for lunch or dinner on this Tasty Tuesday?

Tasty Tuesday! 1/3/15


One thing that I haven’t shared via this post is that I am a FOODIE! Meaning I like to cook and eat so from now on Tuesday’s on #PeaceDuringTheJourney will be #TastyTuesdays

This is a picture of one of my favorite meals at Red Lobster. Its the Salmon New Orleans 😁
• Fresh Salmon with shrimp on top
• Steamed Broccoli
• Petite Green Beans

You don’t necessarily have to get broccoli and green beans, you have a choice of the rice pilaf, baked and mashed potatoes, fries, steamed veggies, asparagus (which I LOVE) and so much more! If you enjoy Red Lobster as much as I do tell me to what’s your go to meal?