Thank You!


This blog has reached over 500 followers!

I am so grateful to be able to share my life and God as I know him with ALL of you!

When i was about 19 both of my parents suggested that I start a blog

but I didn’t

looking back on that time of my life I realize how afraid I was to

share my writing and thoughts with the world

I was afraid that no one would  be interested in what I had to say

I was afraid that I didn’t have anything to contribute to the blog world

I was afraid that my parents wouldn’t support me because some times my truth isn’t their truth

Fear paralyzed me and i din;t even know it

granted at 19 my blog wouldn’t have been about how much God loves us

It would have been dark and twisty

It probably would’ve caused lots of people to be depressed

instead of encouraged

Nothing was encouragaing about me at 19

Nothing was peaceful or joyful about me

So I don’t regret not having a blog at 19 becuase  I wouldn’t have reached ALL OF YOU

THANK YOU for being on this journey with me

THANK YOU for all of the likes, comments and reblogs

I never imagined  anyone wanting to read a blog about God written by

a young woman from the inner city of Atlanta, GA

But God is faithful and his promises are TRUE!