Letter to my 18 year old self

Dear Brianna,

Happy 18th birthday!!! I know your day will be filled with lost of laughter and love. I know that with all that’s been going on your senior year that you may not feel like celebrating but please do. In a month you will be graduating high school and starting your first job. You should be proud of yourself! Going off to college in August will very exciting and nerve racking at times but it’ll be worth it. When you start school speak to your family as much as possible, especially Brice because he’s growing up and needs someone to talk to. DO NOT!  I repeat DO NOT beat yourself up about not getting into Hampton you will see in about four years why God didn’t allow that to happen for you.

The summer of 2010 will be difficult for you but those troubles wont last forever. I know how much you don’t like change but the changes that you will go through during this time will be for your good. It’s going to scare you because you won’t want to go out clubbing anymore nor do any of the things that your peers are doing, baby girl you are growing up!Realizing that there is so much more to life than going out and being seen. You will lose friends because of this and feel lost but just know that God is with you! He is for you and he loves you! During this time your life will be flipped upside down. You won’t be enrolled in school that semester, you aren’t going to have close friends and you won’t be with the guy whom you thought was so special. 

Four years from now your life will not be how you thought nor planned it to be but you will be blessed! I know you’re probably reading this shaking your head in disbelief but trust me enough not to be afraid of your future which will be brighter than you ever imagined. By the time you turn 23 you will be right where God want you to be! Most importantly, I want you to never let anything or anyone make you feel as if you aren’t good enough. You are blessed! You are smart! You are special, loved and you are good enough! The road to becoming an amazingly blessed and successful young woman wont be easy but I want you to have peace during the journey! 


23 year old Brianna