Daughter of the King

I am so grateful to be your child

To be loved like no other

to be protected and watched over

Thank you for never leaving me even when I thought I was alone

Your arms were wrapped around me

You hold me when I cry

Your truth comforts me

You listen when I complain

You smile when I laugh

You watch me as I sleep

Strengthen me when I am weak

Your love never fails

Your mercies are new everyday

Your Grace is sufficient enough for me

It’s amazing how much you love me even when I don’t love myself

Even when I don’t love others

or even a knowledge your presence

My sins are forgiven, Tears dried

My joy comes every morning

You constantly favor me

multiplying my blessings and casting down my fears

All because you love me

All because you chose me

All because I am special to you

You go before me and make my crocked paths straight

You promote me in front of my enemies

You touch the hearts of others on my behalf

You remind me of my identity


Queen Crown