Dear God

Dear God,

When anxiety starts to take over remind me that you are God alone. Remind me that you have it all figured out and that worrying isn’t going to make any situation better. I need to be reminded of how deep your love for me is. At times I don’t realize how much you love me and how much I truly mean to you. When I forget those things I tend to let worry and anxiety take over. I tend to let people make me upset and act unlike christ. Help me to remain christ like no matter the situation or circumstance. Help me to love others the way you want them to be loved. Help me to love myself the way that I should be loved.


Love Always,


His Love Is…

Knowing that God is with me always keeps me going

Knowing that he’ll never stop loving me no matter what

makes me want to love others the same

I am not perfect but his love is

I am not patient but his love is

I can be kind sometimes but his love is ALWAYS kind

His love is always giving

Never failing

Knowing that I have a heavenly father who cares for me

makes the burdens of this world a lot lighter

knowing that I matter to him make me not care about what others think of me

I am not aways willing to lend a helping hand

His hands are always stretched out to me

I allow my self-centeredness to direct my paths

He is self-less

Thinking of me while nailed to the cross

knowing that even if I were the only person on earth he would have still died for me

makes me want to live everyday for him

knowing that he is for me and never against me assures me that I can overcome all things

I am not perfect

His love is

His love allows me to wake up every morning to new mercies

His love graces me to love others

I can be kind sometimes

His love is ALWAYS kind

So kind that he allows us to make our own decisions

and still let us know to choose LIFE

 knowing that his love is unconditional




Never Failing

makes me love him even more