Truth for today 9/2/14

I have a secret! Well if you’re reading this then you already know the secret lol but I haven’t told anyone about this blog. No one knows! Not even my parents. I know you’re probably wondering why and it’s because sometimes people won’t be happy for you or support you because God gave you the vision and not them. Meaning, they won’t see what you see and I don’t have time for the “you’re going to school for business why would you start a blog” questions.

I’d rather everyone find out on their own.

Truth is I don’t want anyone telling me what I should and should not be blogging about. I want to be free. Free to speak about how good God is, how hard I work and how much I love my family(or how much they can get on my nerves lol)

Well, that was my truth for today. What’s yours?



5 thoughts on “Truth for today 9/2/14

  1. When I started blogging about a year ago, I actually started it out as a secret as well because my blog was God’s way of healing me. As I wrote each entry, I began to heal from my past. I commend you for writing, pretty soon you’ll share with others what God has given you and your “secret” blog won’t be much of a secret anymore. Trust me, I know lol. I wish you the best as you blog with the world – šŸ™‚ Mo


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