Dear You 4.13.16

Dear You,

God has a plan for you and your life. No matter how things may look or feel right now God is FOR YOU and never against you. Remember that God is a giver and a multiplier. He is not a taker. God wants each of us to have joy,peace and love in our lives. Do you want the same? You can have all that he has planned for you. Do you want it? Do you believe that he loves you? Truly loves you with all of his heart? Life is full of trials they make us stronger. Life can be full of joy. Life can be full of peace. Life can be full of love. It might not be full of those things at this very moment but be patient because God is faithful. His promises are true and they will come to pass in your life. You have to believe in his word, have faith that he hears those cries, see’s the bills and knows about all of your pain. God cares about everything that concerns you. He cares about what you will eat tonight, the promotion that you deserve, that family member that needs to be saved, your kids, your health, your marriage. He cares about ALL of that. You might be reading this thinking about how much of a mess your life is in always remember that God loves you! There is nothing you can do to stop God from loving you. He is faithful and has a plan for your life. Hold on, be patient and trust that he cares for you.




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